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Who I work with 

I have a special interest in working alongside neurodiverse clients and people with disabilities or health conditions that affect their lives. In addition, I specialise in working with clients with diverse gender, sexuality and relationships.  

While I work with a wide range of concerns, I have particular experience in working with people who are experiencing anxiety and relationship or sexual  difficulties.


How I work 

I draw on psychodynamic and person-centred theory in my practice. This means we might spend time discussing present-day concerns, as well as events or relationships from your earlier life. Together, we'll explore how your past may have influenced your life and relationships, identifying how you can move forward. 

I am committed to offering an inclusive therapeutic environment and so aim to be flexible in my approach. If you have a question about what I offer or if I can work with a particular issue, don't hesitate to get in touch.




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